I had an amazing birth and I know it was Amy’s advice / tips and support that helped make that happen. I was definitely freaking out a little bit about having a really large baby (and the complications that may bring) as well as having an induction. I had emailed Amy to let her know I was facing an induction and she sent back a reassuring response with some really helpful insights, including some articles about big babies. I read these, listened to the “Baby Come Out” track, booked a last-minute acupuncture appointment and read lots of positive induction birth stories, all of which made me feel so much more prepared and calm. If it had not been for Amy’s hypnobirthing tips, based on her knowledge and personal experience, I don't think I would have gone in with such a positive mindset.


After pushing the induction back a week from when my obstetrician originally wanted it and trying everything to induce labour naturally, I made the informed decision to be induced on July 7th, 2020. My first baby came a week early and this one was already engaged in the pelvis so I figured that if he didn't come on his own with all that I had done (including 2 stretch and sweeps) then he might be too comfortable and in need of being coaxed out. My obstetrician thankfully agreed to give me 4 hours after my waters were broken to see if I went into labour naturally before resorting to the Syntocinon drip. My waters were broken at 9am and I got straight into all the techniques. I asked the midwife to bring me a birth ball to sit on and lean over, we used light touch massage, and I started listening to the affirmations track and some relaxing music. I didn't feel ready for the other tracks yet so listened to some love songs that have special meaning to my husband and I (like our wedding song). I also used the smell of his cologne on a t-shirt instead of essential oils to try to get the oxytocin flowing. Thankfully it worked!

After a slow first hour things started to pick up and the surges became strong and regular. I switched position, to leaning over the birth ball on all fours, listened to the tracks on repeat and used a heat pack on my upper sacrum as I breathed through the surges. My midwife and obstetrician were going to wait 4 hours to check me but checked me early as they thought things were going well. They confirmed that I had dilated to 5cm and was definitely in active labour so I didn't need any Syntocinon. I was surprised and a bit disappointed to hear that I was only 5cm, as I felt that I should have been further along based on how intense the surges were, but I didn't dwell on it and decided to just continue doing what I was doing.


Within the hour things had progressed to the point that the midwife called back my obstetrician. In an hour I had gone from 5cm to fully dilated and was ready to push. After 15 minutes of pushing our beautiful baby boy was born at 1:15pm (only 4.25 hours after my waters were broken!). Our baby boy was a healthy 4.2kg and we had a lovely "golden hour". Not only did I not need the Syntocinon drip or an epidural, but I did it without any pain relief at all!


Thank you again Amy, for everything! I don't think I could have done it without the Hypnobirthing Australia™ course, techniques and your support!


My contractions started at 7:30am on Wednesday 17th. I laboured at home in the bath until 11:30am then headed into hospital. I was 2cm dilated in arrival. Over the next two hours there had been little progression so I decided to try some morphine. I actually, surprisingly, loved the groggy sensation as it helped me relax and really get into the zone. I spent the next few hours on the birth ball leaning my head on the bed with my eye mask and TENS machine on. I was calm and completely unaware of anything around me! Once the morphine wore off, however, I started vomiting pretty constantly. At this point I was 4cm dilated and we made the decision to have an epidural and my waters broken.

3 hours later the pressure from each contraction became very intense and I had that overwhelming urge to push (my epidural was only a partial). My midwife checked me and I had no cervix left. She told me I was good to go whenever I was ready. 20 minutes later Finnley entered the world!


There had been meconium in my waters so we thought we might need to use forceps and the ventouse at one point, due to his heart rate dropping and being in distress, but I slowly breathed him out and didn't need any further intervention! It was so crazy, I didn’t really notice his head as it came out but then I looked down and saw it! I literally said “Oh my God” and it is awesome to listen to in the video footage. My midwife then said “Next contraction, you can reach down and pull him up”. I pulled Finn out myself and had a few moments of skin to skin before he was taken to the NICU. I was so happy I got to do that and meet him like that. My midwives were so, so, so amazing and so supportive of our birth preferences - they made me feel so amazing.

I had so much anxiety about labour before doing your class and I can be a bit of a control freak. I love information -  it soothes me - but too much research can be such a curse to an already nervous pregnant mumma. The Hypnobirthing Australia™ course was perfect, it was everything I needed to know to help me feel more confident and comfortable with what was to come! It took so much fear away from labour. I wasn't once scared, I just kept thinking “our bodies are made to do this”!


Even though the birth of our baby boy wasn’t exactly what I had envisioned I still felt so much more prepared and empowered after doing your class and it was still such a special experience. I’d do it again in a heartbeat!



After talking to you I spent some time in the bath. We left home 30 minutes later. When I arrived at the hospital I was 5cm dilated so we started getting the bath ready with nice lights and music. I was in the bath for about 3 hours before getting out and having my waters broken. Baby's heart rate was going up and down so the midwives wanted to monitor that. I laboured around the room and kneeling on the bed until I was 8cm. At this point I was exhausted - I hadn't had much sleep over the past 5 days - so I asked for an epidural. When the anaesthetist arrived I was fully dilated so my option was to push! My husband cut the umbilical cord and we all made it safely - so all went well. It was a full on experience but we feel very positive with our outcome!


This mumma had been experiencing prodromal labour for a number of days leading up to her birth. Her husband rang me the night that things had really ramped up, for some moral support and encouragement.

A big part of my birth experience was the role that my birth partner played and that is thanks to your Hypnobirthing Australia™ course. It gave him the courage and understanding of what he could do for me and how to help me get through the tough times. We made a special music playlist for our birth and it is really beautiful to have that memory. We still use it to put our baby to sleep.


Thank you so much for our private class. I think it was one of the best decisions I have made. My birthing experience was so positive, even thinking back fills me up with so much joy.


I would like to share with you my whole experience. 2 weeks prior to my expected due date, I had mild pains for a couple of days and on the morning of 19th November, I had a bloody show and went to see my obstetrician. As much as I didn't like the idea of an internal exam I had one, just to be sure that everything was ok. I think that triggered things, as the surges started to come in a definite time span. At 2:30 in the night while I was trying to sleep my waters broke and we rushed to the hospital.


I was 4cm dilated and was very much in control of the surges. I had already notified the hospital about my hypnobirthing request and my midwife had prior experience with delivery using hypnobirthing. I was using the breathing techniques along with a tens machine and was calm about the whole process. No other pain relief was used, not even gas and air. Even when we realised there was meconium and we might have to have a c-section if labour didn’t progress, I was calm and knew that my body would know what to do. 


And fortunately in no time I was in my 3rd stage of labor. The surges were definitely stronger but with the right breathing I was still in control and knew that going through these pains I would be able to meet my baby. In 4-5 pushes our little girl was born at 6:45am.


The whole process lasted from 2:30am right from when my waters broke to 6:45am when the baby was born. I believe my right frame of mind and breathing through the whole process helped with a shorter labour this time. I can't thank you enough for empowering me with the right tools and techniques for such a positive birth experience. 




I just wanted to write to let you know that our baby girl was born naturally and perfectly into the water on 08-01-21. The hypnobirthing techniques were an absolute Godsend and I have never felt more empowered in my life, than I did throughout her birth. 


I was induced at 42 weeks (she was just too comfy in there!). My obstetrician broke my waters at 8:45am but gave me some time before starting the syntocinon drip at 11:45am. After some time on the exercise ball and 45mins in the bath Jazzy was born at 3:30pm, calmly in the bath to her eagerly awaiting parents!


I had Melissa’s positive affirmations playing in my headphones right up until the point that I got in the bath. I then swapped to the Tranquil Chambers music which we played through a speaker near the bath. We also had led candles around the bath, affirmations on the walls as well as a clary sage diffuser and a great, supportive midwife.


It was truly a magical, positive birthing experience and I just feel so grateful for the knowledge of hypnobirthing! I had no tears, minor swelling, a drug free birth and owe most of it to the techniques I learnt!


Knowledge is power. Thank you!