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presents Hypnobirthing Australia™

The Hypnobirthing Australia™ Positive Birth program is positive education uniquely designed for Australian mothers and their birth partners. It is Australia’s fastest growing childbirth education course. The course teaches the use of hypnotherapy, breathing, deep relaxation and other useful knowledge and techniques to assist birthing mothers to prepare for a positive birth experience.


What others are saying about the Hypnobirthing Australia™ Positive Birth program...

"Hypnobirthing taught me to look at birth with positivity and excitement. I was able to calmly navigate the different situations in all of my three births because I had the confidence to trust my body and my ability to birth my baby."

- Bridget, Hypno-mum, Online Course 


“The biggest thing that the Hypnobirthing Australia™ program taught me was no fear. I went into my birth excited – excited to meet my beautiful baby.”

- Natalie, Hypno-mum & certified practitioner

"Hypnobirthing was a fantastic experience that gave my wife and I skills and tools to approach the birth of our first child with confidence. The techniques we learnt were invaluable."

- Gareth, Hypno-dad

Up-to-date Australian childbirth education

Evidence based program

Down to earth, straightforward and easily learned


Group Classes

Includes 12 hours of face to face tuition, recordings, folio of resources, eBook and ongoing support.

Private Classes

Includes private tuition in your home or an alternate location, recordings, folio of resources, eBook and ongoing support.

Online Option

If you are unable to attend classes, an online version of the course is available.

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